Karbon Homes has generously donated a special fund to benefit community projects in and around Haltwhistle. The Haltwhistle Partnership is administering this fund and has set up a Steering Group of volunteers to encourage applications and support the funding and delivery of projects in the community.

Anyone who lives or works in Haltwhistle or any of its 10 surrounding parishes is encouraged to share their ideas with the group.  If necessary members of the group will then help develop and deliver projects. The link for more information, expressions of interest and application forms can be found here.

The Steering Group has recently allocated £13,000 to a further 4 community projects bringing the totals to 18 grants allocated to 13 different organisations, amounting to around £70,000. Funding is still available and the steering group meets every 6 weeks or so with the next meeting scheduled for 13th July.