Haltwhistle Growing Together

The launch event of Haltwhistle's new Community Allotment took place on 31 October with a free event at Hillside Youth and Community Centre where more than 20 people of all ages enjoyed pumpkin carving and bread making workshops as well as a shared lunch and an opportuinty to discuss and put forward ideas about how the project should develop.

The next get together, to which anyone of any age or experience is welcome is on the afternoon of Saturday 13th November. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07769153537.

In addition two workshops have been organised as follows

 Nov Dec workshop poster



The Partnership has a number of small serviced offices available for rent in Westbourne House. All enquiries to our Administrator, Ellen Walton or phone 01434 321242. 

We are delighted to have appointed both Abigail Cheverst and Ellen Moran to share the part time post of Community Development Worker. The post has been funded by the Karbon Community Fund and the Haltwhsitle Partnership for an initial period of 2 years. 

Abigail and Ellen live in Haltwhistle, have complimentary skills and are passionate about community work and growing your own food. Their first task is to set up a community allotment project in the garden of Hillside, the property owned by Haltwhistle's Young & Sweet Youth Charity and which is located at the bottom of the school drive.  

If you are interested in becoming involved with the community allotment or have any ideas you would like to share please do let us know. 



Karbon Homes has generously donated a special fund to benefit community projects in and around Haltwhistle. The Haltwhistle Partnership is administering this fund and has set up a Steering Group of volunteers to encourage applications and support the funding and delivery of projects in the community.

Anyone who lives or works in Haltwhistle or any of its 10 surrounding parishes is encouraged to share their ideas with the group.  If necessary members of the group will then help develop and deliver projects. The link for more information, expressions of interest and application forms can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our survey on the idea of a zero waste shop. We received 238 responses, 186 electronically and 52 on paper. The results showed that 96% supported the idea, 71% would purchase goods with another 22% responding maybe. 59% of those responding lived in Haltwhistle, 37% in the surrounding parishes and 4% elsewhere. As a result, in Partnership with Another Weigh in Penrith and Kendal, we are investigating setting up the shop and applying for funding for the necessary costs. Please note that the shop will not sell any items that are already available for sale in this way in Haltwhistle.

“The concept is simple. Bring your own containers, fill them and pay by weight. When they are empty, bring them back and refill them. By re-using, we will help you to reduce waste. Our aim is to do this at as low a cost as possible – to both our customers and to the planet.” Another Weigh, Penrith

Zero Waste shops are beginning to emerge, mainly in urban locations, as a response to climate change, the rapid growth in plastic packaging and a desire by consumers to reduce the consumption of resources. How it works
Shoppers at Zero Waste shops usually follow the process below:
1. Bring their own container to the shop. Weigh the container and print a label.
2. Fill the container with as much or as little as they want.
3. Scan their label and reweigh the filled container
4. Pay

Zero Waste stores usually charge an annual membership fee in exchange for a discount on all food purchases (e.g. £30 annual membership in exchange for 10% discount, £15 for pensioners and free for those on benefits).

The shop would also be an information point for anything to do with recycling, reusing and reducing waste. The shop would be run by a paid manager with help from volunteers. Any surplus funds generated will be shared between the Haltwhistle Partnership for projects in and around Haltwhistle and Another Way, an educational charity that helps people lead a more sustainable life. We also hope to be able to offer work placements to those wanting to return to work and to young people.

We are now looking for volunteers passionate about the ethos of sustainability and reducing waste to help both as Directors of the new, not for profit company being set up and volunteers to work in the shop. To find out more please contact our Chairman, Julie Gibbon or our Officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to hearing from you.