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Running Wild

From the Hungry Caterpillar and teddies picnicing to Humpty searching for lost Easter eggs you never know who you will meet beside Haltwhistle Burn.  Go on a bear hunt, build dens, find natural treasurers, hide in  hollow trees - the burn is a wonderful place to explore with children of all ages - a place where you can let their imaginations soar.


But please remember, where there is water there could be danger so keep your tiny children close beside you.


Children are warned not to play on the bank-side.

Humpty enjoys a brief rest on a handy wall while the children help find his lost Easter eggs!


The Tree That Walks.


Every night, when the woods are  still and people are asleep in bed, The-Tree-That-Walks pulls out its roots one by one from its rocky bank and steps out onto the path. It walks slowly, clumping its great roots along the path until  it reaches The-Trees-That-Hold-Up-The-Road. Their job is so important that they cannot leave their bank and so The-Tree-That-Walks must come to them. But why do they meet each night? What are they planning? And, are they good or evil?   You decide.

Who lives in here- and is there room for me?

The perfect place for Pooh Sticks!

The Cliff of Faces.

Red Indian? Owl? Witch?

How many faces can you find?

If you go down to the woods today...

Choose your favourite place to picnic

To Hadrian’s Wall



A Walk through Time

A Lover’s Walk

Coal, Wool and Sheep Shanks

Going In Circles!


Haltwhistle Walking  Festival


Haltwhistle Challenge


Accessible Walks